Good Questions You Can Ask During an Interview


Interviewers seem to delight in throwing out a question that just might spell “end” to your chances of receiving an excellent review.

The most popular is “Do you have any questions for me?”  Be prepared.  What is really being asked is “Have you done your homework regarding the company and how you talents will enhance it?”  If you are really interested in the position being offered—do your homework!

Two important questions not to ask are any that the answers to can be easily found on the company website and questions about salary and benefits.  If you know the company website, visit it.  If you do not, Google the company.  Come into the interview armed with solid facts about the company. This not only shows interest on your part and it will provide you with conversational information.  Conversational skills and quick solid thought processes under fire are sure to impress.

It is impressive asking business related questions, such as what the strategic plan of the company is for the next five years or how the company stands out among its competitors.  In addition, asking the interviewer how long he/she has been with the company or what they like most about the company culture is a good way to garner good information.

Additional business related questions worthy of asking are:

  • Is this a newly created position?
  • What does a typical work week consist of?
  • How do you measure performance for this position?
  • Is there mandatory travel or overtime?
  • Does the company believe in continuing education for the employees?

Lastly, do not attempt to commit your questions to memory.  It is critical to write your questions down in a professional looking notebook.  This alone will show the type of employee you will be.

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