Don’t Buy Into These Millennial Myths


by Lindsey Pollak, Millennial Workplace Expert

MillennialsAs I said in the Tomorrow@Work report for the Hartford’s Trends Forecast, this is the year Millennials will finally be taken seriously as leaders, and we’ll end the Millennial-bashing once and for all. The media is turning a corner from portraying Millennials as “entitled,” “coddled” and “addicted to their smartphones” and realizing they represent the only leaders we have for the future.

That said, here’s a look at some recent articles debunking some of the biggest, most pervasive Millennial myths.

  • Everything You’ve Heard About Millennials is Wrong. The Week: “According to the numbers, Millennials do have a harder time finding employment than Generation Xers. But overall, Millennials have done a better job of staying in school and finishing their education.”

  • Why Millennials Aren’t Lazy, Spoiled or Entitled… TIME: “So when you think about Millennials in terms of living at home and defying self-aggrandizing behavior, remember the economic hardships that we endured and you didn’t. Remember that others who receive Social Security and Medicare may not have really earned those funds. Remember ‘there but for…’ and appreciate the luck you have in this world.”

  • Unlocking the Millennial Mystery: Career Motivations and Challenges. Mashable:“The term “Millennial” often evokes stereotypes of laziness, inexperience and Twitter-addicted young adults glued to their smartphones. For recent college graduates, these connotations can plague their ability to set a new precedent, defeat the odds and find a solid ‘real world’ job. Or perhaps it’s just in their heads. While 70% of Millennials believe it’s ‘almost impossible’ to find a job, recent reports show a decrease in unemployment rates. So what’s really going on with the generation that seemingly everyone loves to harp on? What motivates Millennials in the job search, what challenges do they face and whom do they aspire to be?”

  • Millennial Perks: The Career Benefits Of A Cursed Generation. Forbes: “Millennials are all too often stripped down to the following connotations: Ungrateful. Selfish. Unintelligent. Trophy kids. Impatient. Head in the clouds. But I’ve come to realize that, for a lot of people, being a Millennial isn’t a deal breaker. Many are fully aware of Millennial stereotypes, and they’re smart enough to know that those claims (of the most diverse generation) are far generalized.”

  • 10 Reasons Not to Worry About Millennials’ Retirement. LifeHealth Pro: “Sixty percent of Millennials plan to retire at age 65 or sooner, including 26 percent who plan to retire at age 65 and 34 percent who plan to do so even sooner. Fifty percent of Millennials plan to work in retirement and, of those, nearly half (47 percent) plan to do so for reasons of enjoyment or staying involved. Three out of four (76 percent) of Millennials say that retirement benefits offered by a prospective employer will be a major factor in their decision on whether to accept a future job offer.”

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