Give Candidates a Taste of Your Brand: 6 Ideas

by Kate Reilly, LinkedIn Talent Blog When Sondra Dryer became PwC’s first Director of Recruitment Marketing 3.5 years ago, she didn’t know much about recruiting. Huh? That’s right. She was in charge of all the external branding initiatives for recruiting PwC’s 15,000 annual new hires, yet recruiting was relatively new to her. But she did know […]

How To Clean Up Your Social Media Presence and Get A Job

by Donna Fuscaldo, Glassdoor Blog Like or hate it, your social media profiles are an extension of your resume. Roughly 80% of recruiters and hiring managers use social media to look for and vet job candidates, making it extremely important to have a professional presence on the Internet. “Hiring managers are reviewing social media pages to […]