How to Recruit and Engage Millennials


by Lindsey Pollak, Millennial Workplace Expert

recruit millennialsOrganizations in both the public and private sectors are trying a variety of tactics to recruit, engage and retain Millennial employees. And what they’re finding is that it’s not all about flashy perks. Employers that are interested in hanging on to these dynamic and creative employees need to understand that Millennials are looking for flexibility and the feeling that they are a part of something bigger.

I’m sharing five articles about what Millennials really want from their employers.

  • Think Millennials Just Want Jobs With Ping-Pong and Kegerators? Think Again.Crain’s Chicago Business: “You’ve probably heard all about how 20- and 30-somethings crave flexible hours, a tech-savvy work culture and perks like free food and ping-pong. But recruiters say something deeper is driving this generation: a desire for entrepreneurial work and a stake in the outcome. That, in turn, is driving the resurgence of an old-school benefit: profit-sharing. For middle-market firms, a piece of the action can offer traction against higher base salaries offered by larger competitors.”

  • Millennials Like Government Work, But Don’t Stay Long, Survey Finds. The Washington Post: “‘If you take a look at millennials,’ [Office of Personnel Management Director Katherine] Archuleta said, ‘We need to recruit and retain them in ways that are different from Gen-Xers or  baby boomers.’ ‘They have a very different outlook on their work experiences,’ she said. ‘When I talk to them I say, “You can come into government and we’ll offer you a great  opportunity to build your resume.”’ She said she hopes millennials can be encouraged, if they’re restless, to seek new jobs at other federal agencies.”

  • How to Recruit and Engage Millennials in the Federal Workforce. Federal News Radio: “‘Our recruitment skills and our recruitment tactics have had to change, in a way that we’re more using social media to recruit this generation,’ said Kimberly Holden, deputy associate director of Recruitment and Hiring, Employee Service with the Office of Personnel Management, explaining how OPM is attempting a different approach in drawing in Millennials. ‘It’s not, “fill out an 80-page application,” or too many points and clicks with your mouse.’”

  • Companies Use Different Strategies to Woo Millennials. StarTribune: “With a reputation for being more focused on friends and life outside of work than on an employer or a career, Millennials present unique challenges for companies trying to attract, recruit and retain younger workers. But employers are trying… In competing for candidates, some companies ‘get flashy’ with recruiting trips to Disney World. Others start recruiting freshmen to encourage long-term thinking. Still others, expecting lots of turnover, hire people in volume.”

  • No 9 to 5: Millennials Changing the Face of Work, But Weak Economy Taking a Toll. Times Free Press: “Some of the career factors Millennials embrace — flexibility, purposeful labor, economic security — are not necessarily within their grasp as they enter a job market weakened by the Great Recession. Independent work may give them flexible hours and meaningful employment, but economic instability is often the trade-off.”


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