Job Seeker? Here’s What Not to Post on Social Media


by Jorgen Sundberg, UndercoverRecruiter

Heads up, job seekers: Data from Jobvite’s Social Recruiting Survey makes it clear that recruiters are inspecting your profiles, posts, and tweets. Are you broadcasting something that turns employers off? You might need to do more than just hide those incriminating spring break photos.

Why social matters for job seekers:

  • 55% of recruiters have considered candidates based on their social profiles, with 61% of those reconsiderations being negative

  • 52% of recruiters say they always search for candidates’ online profiles during the hiring process

  • Linkedin is the social network most used by employers, followed by Facebook, Twitter and Google

  • 93% of recruiters use or plan to use social media for hiring, yet only 18% say they feel confident in their social media skills – therefore job candidates are responsible for screening their posts to ensure they put their best foot forward

  • The biggest red flags in job applicants’ social profiles include illegal drug references, sexual posts and profanity

  • 1 in 3 employers who research candidates on social media sites have found content that made them likely to hire a candidate

  • 23% found content that directly led to hiring the candidate

You don’t have to be fear social media in the business realm, but you should certainly keep it in mind. Examining your online presence from an employer’s perspective could make or break your job hunt.


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