New Technology Makes Updated Website Highly Interactive


Integrative Staffing Group (ISG) is a full-service staffing organization that provides complete staffing and HR solutions to clients while providing qualified individuals with access to rewarding career opportunities. ISG recently launched a new, highly interactive website to further serve employers and employees.

Q: The obvious first question is why the new website? What made you want to upgrade?

ISG: We have experienced a nationwide sales increase, including Hawaii, so in order to better serve our clients as a whole, we reinvested a significant amount of expenditures into our internal structure and operations so that we can become a more streamlined, web-based contact management business model…..And our website was certainly one of our key focal points in this endeavor.

Q: What specific features make your website unique among others in the staffing industry?

ISG: The technology associated with our website is truly rare to find in our industry throughout this region. From a user perspective there are a number of key features worth mentioning.

For the “passive job seekers,” those individuals who are casually looking for the “right” opportunity to make a career change or for those who have positioned themselves to be more “selective” in their job search, we offer a Sign-Up component that allows users to customize job postings to fit their particular skills-sets and interests. When we have a position that meets the job seeker’s criteria, the job posting immediately is conveyed to the individual. The nice things about this are that the user is not flooded with job postings whereby he/she has no interest in the job category, and for those positions that are a match, they are communicated in real-time…meaning the job-seeker has the ability of finding out about job opportunities before competing job-seekers do!

Another unique feature for all job-seekers is our Live Chat tool. When a user has a question about our services or should he/she be interested in a job opening, the user can access our Live Chat and instantaneously communicate with an ISG Representative to get their questions answered fast and effectively…Our Live Chat is available 24/7/365!

Q: Your website offers several unique features specifically designed for employers. Explain those features and how they can help companies fill open positions quickly and efficiently.

ISG: The labor market continues to tighten. Companies are increasingly finding it more difficult to attract talent, so it is critical for employers to source and obtain qualified employees in an expedient and efficient manner.

By utilizing our website, companies can post their job-openings directly on our website (for free,) and immediately, their jobs will be strategically advertised and posted on multiple job-boards and websites, such as Career Builder and Indeed, on a regional level and throughout the nation. This is a great, cost-effective solution for our clients!

In addition, the employer can access our integrative database of candidates through our website. Companies can easily customize their candidate-search in order to streamline their candidate sourcing….Timing is of the essence, and in order to maintain a competitive edge, employers now have the ability to be ahead of their competitors in finding talent.

Live Chat option: Because of the need for immediate feedback, we understand that when a company is looking for an employee, getting back to them quickly is the top priority. For example, a business maybe looking to fill positions throughout the nation, and as a result, we had to find a way to be able to pull in more real-time candidates that are in different time zones. The Live Chat feature provides a competitive edge for our business clients by allowing them to have their questions answered quickly and efficiently….24/7/365!

Q: Are there any other features of the new website that you’d like to highlight?

ISG: Because our model is becoming increasingly more web-based there are a few other key features of our website worth mentioning.

Mobilization: Our new website is fully mobilized and ready to be used on a variety of laptops, tablets, and smart-phones. The platforms are user-friendly, whereby users can quickly access, sign-up, and/or fully register with our agency.

Marketing: Our enhanced search-engine marketing capabilities, as well as our integrated blogging feature for our social media output toward sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, have exponentially increased our overall reach of our website, and as a result, we have experienced a significant increase in our overall website traffic.

Employee/Employer Resource Centers: ISG continuously provides up-to-date articles for both job-seekers and employers that particularly pertain to Human Resources topics. For instance, job seekers have the ability to gain valuable insight regarding strategies in marketing themselves, interview techniques, and resume-writing suggestions.   For companies, the employer resource center offers a multitude of Human Resources strategies, such as offering strategies on how to effectively manage and/or motivate employees, keeping up to date on labor law changes, as well as conveying interview techniques for the interviewer.

On-Going Skills-Set Training: Individuals have the ability to improve their technical aptitudes and management skills by self-testing in over 2,500 types of assessments through our website. This is also a free service for the candidates.

Q: What other changes have you made recently that have positively affected the staffing process? 

ISG: There have been other crucial investments to our operations in addition to our website that have proven to increase efficiency in our operations while decreasing our operational costs.

For one, we recently upgraded our candidate and customer database by partnering with a national leader in contact management solutions. Our infrastructure has become much more streamlined. For example, our candidate on-boarding process is much less laborious. When candidates access our website and apply on-line, the job-seekers information immediately populates into a candidate-file within the data-base, thus eliminating the need to data-enter the individual’s information. This includes resume parcing, whereby the candidate’s information on their resume is electronically populated into the data-base. In addition, when a job-seeker completes a skills-assessment test, his/her results integrate instantaneously into their file.

IT: We recently upgraded our entire network whereby our data is secured on a virtual server. As a result, we have increased our ability to effectively handle traffic, as well as increased our security in the event of disaster recovery.

For more information on Integrative Staffing Group, visit their website at or call 866-868-HIRE.

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