4 Do’s and Don’ts for Your Company Career Site

by Jason Buss A company’s corporate career site provides a great opportunity to showcase the true value proposition of an employer and can provide compelling reasons for both active and passive candidates to learn more and eventually express an interest in working for the company. Words, pictures, tweets and videos all play a role in […]

8 Things That DO NOT Belong on Your Resume

By: Sophie Deering   Resumes are tricky to get absolutely right and although there are no hard rules about what should and shouldn’t be included in it, there are a few things that can affect how your prospective employers perceive you negatively. In such a competitive job market one slip up can be all it […]

#Recruiting Isn’t That Hard — We Make It Hard

by Liz Ryan   I have sympathy and compassion for every living creature but my patience is wearing thin with the plaint “It’s so hard to find good employees”! It isn’t hard. There are tremendous people everywhere. We make recruiting ten times harder than it needs to be. I ran a Fortune 500 HR team. […]