The Best Way to Answer – Why Should We Hire You


by Lia, Everyday Interview Tips

Even though on average, job interview candidates are asked between 10-15 questions at every job interview this one is the only one that really matters – Why Should We Hire You? Yes you are qualified, experienced and have the right education but so do all the other applicants? Why should we chose you? This is what every interviewer really wants to know and you need to nail your answer.

Why Do Interviewers Ask – Why Should We Hire You?

It’s pretty simple, employers don’t just want any qualified and experienced candidate, they want the best.

They also don’t want to waste time and money. Every recruitment has significant costs for a company and a bad recruitment is disruptive and bad for business. It also reflects badly on the person who conducted the interview.

So, remember that everyone you speak to during the job interview process is motivated by the desire to chose the best candidate who will shine in the role thus making them shine in the process too.

Preparation Needed to Answer – Why Should We Hire You?

As always, job interview preparation is everything especially for this question. We recommend you follow this 5 step process below to develop the best possible answer. Before you can do that though, you need to do your homework.

Step 1 – Begin by reading the job description. Look for both mandatory and desirable requirements and list them down. Look for clues to any problems they are trying to solve, these will most likely be listed as soft skills e.g. Is teamwork specifically listed, could they be having issues with he culture of the team that you could solve if you had a lot of emotional intelligence? Focus on the desirable qualities and any problems you think you could solve. The mandatory requirements are a given. The fact that you are invited to a job interview proves you have the fundamentals nailed already.

Step 2 – Make a list of your core skills and strengths. As you list these, think about how each one relates to the needs of the job description summary you prepared above.

Step 3 – Prepare an example for each core skill you have chosen to feature. Make sure you clearly list the situation, what you did, the results and finally the benefits to the organisation.

How You Should Structure Your Answer To – Why Should We Hire You?

This is where it all comes together. Follow this 5 step process to develop your answer:


  • I believe I am the perfect candidate for the role of (Insert Title).
  • I have X years of experience in the field, and in that time I have developed (Insert 3-5 specific skills from the list you developed and make sure they relate back to the desirable requirements in the job description). You can include technical skills, soft skills etc..anything that you know they are looking for.
  • I have developed these skills considerably in my current role. For example (List about 3 examples that build on the skills you listed. Be specific about the action and result and be concise). This part of the answers proves your claims so it is very important but you don’t want it to be so long they forgot the point you were trying to make.
  • I was awarded or I achieved (Insert any awards or recognition you received for the specific examples you gave or any industry awards you have received overall that sum up your work and skills).
  • Finish by wrapping everything up neatly. Overall I think X, Y, and Z skills make me a great fit for both this specific role and your company.


Watch Outs When you Answer – Why Should We Hire You?

No cliches – I’m a hard worker, great communication skills etc…They mean nothing, you need to prove it.

Be Prepared – This is not the time to wing it and hope for the best. Plan your answer and deliver it confidently.

Bold not Arrogant – Don’t be shy and underplay your achievements but don’t be obnoxious either.

Specific not Vague – Much like cliches, you need to support every clean you make with good examples. No sweeping statements especially for this question.

Concise not War & Peace – If you are too long winded they won’t remember the point.

No Comparisons – You don’t know the skill level or strengths of the other candidates so don’t compare yourself to others. Focus on selling yourself.

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