Top 10 Ways to Impress in an Interview


by Sophie Deering, UndercoverRecruiter

Your resume may land you an interview, but it’s how you come across in the interview process that will really determine whether you land the role or not.

The interview is your chance to really sell yourself and let your personality shine through. It’s important to be memorable, so be sure to answer in a way that will make you stand out from the crowd and demonstrate that you are a cut above the rest. On top of providing well thought out responses to anything you may be asked, it’s also essential for you to present yourself smartly and confidently. Everything from the way you dress on the day, to the body language you use, will contribute to the impression you give off.

To be sure that you give the best impression of yourself at an interview, here are 10 tips that you should follow, courtesy of Armstrong Appointments.

1. Be prepared:

It’s important that you have done your homework before attending the interview, so make sure you research what exactly the company do and what the role you are interviewing for entails. It’s also good to know who your interviewer is and what their role is in the company.

2. Dress smartly:

Although people say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, I think it is somewhat in human nature to do so and the way you present yourself can reflect your general attitude towards the job. Make sure you present yourself smartly and dress your best.

3. Be punctual:

Turning up late will only reflect badly on you, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get there. If you are not familiar with the location, plan your route ahead of the day, or even do a practice journey so you know where you’re going and how much time you need to give yourself. Arriving 15 minutes early is recommended as it shows you’re dedicated and have good time management skills.

4. Turn your phone off:

It won’t look very professional if your phone were to go off mid-interview, so make sure you have switched it off before going in.

5. Give a firm handshake:

A firm handshake will demonstrate confidence, however don’t go overboard, there is a happy medium between a limp handshake and one that could potentially leave your interviewer with an injury.

6. Flash a smile:

Don’t underestimate the power of being friendly. By smiling and making eye contact, you will come across as more approachable and it will help to make a connection with your interviewer.

7. Control your body language:

Body language is important in an interview, as it can give away a lot about how you are feeling. Make sure you sit up straight and keep eye contact, as it will prove that you are interested and your full focus is on your interviewer. Slouching or glancing around the room can indicate a lack of interest and your interviewer may not think you are serious about the job.

8. Take notes:

Jot down everything that you think may be important in your interview. Not only is it good reference for you after the interview, but it will show that you are paying attention to everything your interviewer is saying and have a genuine interest in the role.

9. Bring a copy of your resume:

Although it’s likely that your interviewer will have a copy of your resume to hand for the interview, it’s a good idea to take up-to-date copies of your resume with you, for yourself and your interviewer. You can then refer to it throughout your interview, when discussing previous experiences and achievements.

10. Ask questions:

An interview should be a two way exchange, so it’s essential that you ask questions of your own. Prepare a list of questions before you go, as well as asking questions that pop into your head throughout the conversation.

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