What to Consider When Accepting a Job Offer


by Alfred Ajani, The Undercover Recruiter

Why is it extremely difficult to decide which job offer to accept when both offers have very attractive rewards and perks? What would you prefer, a role with fantastic benefits, career progression and overall job satisfaction, or a role that offers a competitive annual salary with uncapped commission?

With the current cost of living today it is difficult not to opt for the role that offers a fantastic earning potential. Then on the other hand it is hard to change career paths later down the line, with employers wanting candidates to have relevant industry experience for the position advertised.

So do you risk going down a career path with fantastic earning potential, to attempt to return later on down the line in your career, to your ideal role and industry.

What should you prioritize?

When at this cross road and faced with two attractive career opportunities, how do you decide?

I decided to run a little poll on Twitter, as you do these days, and 67% of the general public answered that they would rather be happy in their jobs in their desired industry, earning less; than to earn substantial amounts of money and not really know where their position may lead to in the future.

For career prospects?

Personally, I would suggest that you accept a job offer that provides you with long term career goals.

The proud feeling you get knowing you are doing something that you have been working towards for several years is worthwhile and putting your heart into making a difference everyday will also improve the quality of your work. No doubt that your employer will spot your passion for the industry and the role being offered to you during the interview stages and in your attitude and work ethic when you start the role.

Speaking from previous experiences this will lead to progressing quicker and becoming a valued member in the team, with added responsibilities. You will very quickly be involved in bigger decisions and your ideas will be heard and more than likely taken on board and brought to life.

For earning potential?

If you are in a role simply for the financial gain, you will become bored very quickly. Motivation to exceed personal expectations and that of your employer cannot solely stem from earning potential.

The chance to progress in the company, grow personally, learn from those around you, develop your skills and understanding of the industry, and to teach those around you are also very important factors you need to take into consideration when deciding which job offer to accept.

What should you consider?

Are your tasks and expectations set out for you clearly prior to starting the role, so you know what you need to achieve within the first 6 months? Will they block your development if they feel you are progressing too quickly and are scared you may out perform others, or get too big for the company and move on sooner then expected?

This is something I constantly talk about, company culture, this can play a big part in improving your overall job satisfaction, but also a big part in overshadowing the earning potential of a commission based role. Do your colleagues motivate you and drive you to want to continuously improve your personal performance and be an active contributor and advocate?

Overall it comes down to your personal ambition. Do you simply want to make a lot of money quickly and potential set up your own small business or businesses, or do you want to be involved in much more around the company, part of wider teams and more engaging creative projects? What are the company values? Do they align with your personal values and what is important to you?

The final aspect I would also take into consideration are company perks. What else is on offer to you, is there a benefits package, cycle to work scheme, referral scheme, pension, gym, company holidays? Those types of perks again lead to overall job satisfaction.

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