What Should You Eat Before Your Job Interview?


by Laurence Hebberd, Undercover Recruiter

Eating is important for anyone – especially to get you through a day.

However, proper nutrition is essential when preparing for a crucial time in life – such as a meeting or interview. A poor diet can make you tired or sloppy, whereas a healthy diet will make you more focused, more aware and help to get rid of those interview nerves. In this infographic by StandOut CV, you’ll find foods you should eat, and steer clear of.

The foods you should try to intake when getting ready are:

  • Fatty acids (Omega 3): These build brain cell membranes and promote new brain cell formulation – so they’ll make you smarter! It will also make you great for answering questions, which is extremely necessary in an interview. You can find fatty acids in salmon, eggs and kale (amongst other places).
  • B vitamins: These vitamins will not only prevent insomnia, anxiety and low self-esteem, they’ll also increase energy and motivation levels. Make sure to eat peas, broccoli, spinach or meat.
  • Whole grains: These slowly release glucose into the bloodstream, and can increase your mental alertness, concentration and focus. If you have brown cereals, brown pasta or granary bread for your lunch, you’ll have lots of them!
  • Coffee: …but only in moderation! It’s obviously a stimulant that will make you less tired, and more alert, but don’t drink too much, or you may crash or become twitchy.

During the day, when you’re preparing for the interview, there are a few foods to avoid including (alongside too much coffee):

  • Carbohydrates: Eating too many carbs, like potatoes, bread and pasta can reduce alertness and may even make you fall asleep – which you don’t want in an interview!
  • Smelly foods: Garlic and onions should be banned from your diet for 24 hours before any interview or meeting – they’ll cause bad breath and can be excreted from sweat glands too.
  • Water: Of course, you need to stay hydrated, but don’t be drinking too much water before an interview – you’ll be running to the toilet every 5 minutes! However, do ask for a glass of water to keep your mouth hydrated during the time you’re talking.

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