Motivating Your Employees Isn’t Magic

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One of the most common questions a manager asks is how to best motivate their employees or how to keep them motivated in the long run. Even though it’s a common question, the solution is not elusive or complicated. 4 Easy Ways to Motivate Your Employees Without Magic Don’t worry, it doesn’t take anything magical… Read more »

What You Want Your References to be Able to Say

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Many job candidates make a big mistake when they treat their references as an afterthought. In reality, if you truly want a job, you need to be intentional when it comes to choosing your references. While it’s perfectly acceptable to casually say, “References Available Upon Request” on your resume at the bottom, you must actually… Read more »

New Talent Tracker Makes Recruiting Mobile in Pittsburgh

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Integrative Staffing Group has been a full-service staffing organization that has grown immensely in the past 24+ years, not only expanding our offerings across several neighboring states, but also changing the way job seeking, hiring, and administration needs are met. The reality is that there is no one way to successfully hire the perfect candidate…. Read more »

How to Take Advantage of Temp Opportunities

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Temporary jobs are an effective and popular option for both employers and prospective workers. Temp work is also very versatile and can be appealing to many different workers. Temporary Opportunities for the Short- and Long-Term There are many reasons to consider working a temporary job. Here are a few: Learn new skills Pivot your career… Read more »

Empower Your Employees to Help Create a Safe Working Environment

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A manager has to keep employees engaged and focused on many projects or responsibilities, but one of the hardest areas to motivate their employees is to follow safety protocols and programs. This problem can be corrected with decisive and empowering leadership. 3 Leadership Behaviors to Motivate Your Employees to Create a Safe Working Environment To… Read more »

How to Promote Safety as an Employee

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Safety in the workplace is extremely important, but often pushed aside. Not only should you strive to keep you and your coworkers safe for their well-being, but injuries and sickness due to safety negligence can decrease overall productivity and put a damper on the entire team. That’s why both managers and employees alike should be… Read more »

Are You Using the Right Work References?

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A major misconception in the application process is that job references are an afterthought. Providing the right work references is a crucial factor when looking for a job offer. A poor reference can hold you back from getting a job, while a great reference can be the final factor in receiving a job offer. Some… Read more »

How to Show Your Employees You Love Their Work Ethic

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Management is a balancing act – not only of work-related tasks and deadlines, but also when it comes to building relationships. A good manager is not best friends with everyone; they create some form of professional boundaries. However, that same manager also makes connections with employees and shows their appreciation, especially when their employees are… Read more »