How to Build Work-Life Balance into Your Summer Schedule

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The start of summer brings out the fun in everyone as you look forward to sunny days, barbeques, concerts, and get-togethers with friends and families. But with the start of summer, continues your regular job and day-to-day grind. These two events don’t have to create friction or frustration. All you need to do is implement… Read more »

Skilled Trades that Make You Very Valuable to Companies

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Skilled trades and vocational careers are a promising field for many people to pursue. There are currently more open jobs for skilled trades and vocational work than there are qualified workers. With this type of possibility, job seekers should consider learning skilled trades to find a secure and lucrative job. 4 Skilled Trades that Will… Read more »

Ohio and Kentucky Jobs Companies Are Hiring For

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While the job market is healthy across the country, looking for the right job can still be tough. Plus, if you’re unsure of what industry you want to dive into, it might get a little confusing. But the good news is that there are some exciting and secure opportunities out there. Ohio and Kentucky Jobs… Read more »

How to Become a Diesel Mechanic – The Complete Guide

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Do you love working with your hands? Do you enjoy taking things apart and putting them back together? Have you always had a fascination with heavy equipment? If so, a career as a diesel mechanic may be right for you.   What Does a Diesel Mechanic Do?  Diesel mechanics are specialized technicians who inspect, maintain and repair diesel engines… Read more »

Funny Interview Questions You Need to Nail

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There is so much preparation when it comes to acing an interview. You’ll spend hours reviewing common interview questions and answers, but what about curveball questions? Are you ready for those?   While you won’t get too many funny or quirky interview questions, they will pop up during your interview and job search process and… Read more »

How To Become a Certified Welder – The Complete Guide  

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Welders fuse metal components together to form strong, permanent bonds. They work in all types of industries from construction to automobile manufacturing to aerospace and more. Over 50 percent of all products in the US require welding, which makes this an in-demand career.   What Does a Welder Do?  Welding is a chemical process that fuses two pieces… Read more »