Dress Right for Your Interview

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by Sandra Long, My Intern Coach LLC When you know you look great, your confidence soars. So it makes sense to take the time to dress carefully for your important interviews.  Your appearance is a big component of your interviewer’s first impression of you so it’s worth the effort to make sure you are looking wonderful…. Read more »

How to Land a High-Paying Job

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by Catherine Conlan, Monster Contributing Writer Most high-paying jobs require a lot of education, a lot of talent, a lot of work — or all 3. It’s not something that people usually fall into. Put yourself on the path to a high-paying job by following this expert advice. Cross-train. You never want to stop learning… Read more »

What NOT to say on an interview

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by Louise Garver, Career Hub Even an executive can be nervous on a job interview. On the other hand, the interviewer has the stress of making sure they hire the right person. So what responses will get you eliminated for consideration for the job? These are the top 5 dumbest things to say: 1. I just… Read more »

How to Job Search 2014 Style

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by Hannah Morgan, Undercover Recruiter Job seekers are afraid. They are afraid to take risks and afraid to stand out. Most believe it is safer to play by the rules and hope the right fit finds them. Those odds aren’t very good. The job seeker of tomorrow needs to become a marketing marvel, savvy salesperson… Read more »

6 Steps To Ensure That You Always Have A Job

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by Deborah Brown-Volkman, President of Surpass Your Dreams, Inc. Did you ever notice that there are certain people who have great jobs? They are always working on a consistent basis even in shaky industries and uncertain times? And then there are those who are either constantly unhappy in their careers, or go for long periods… Read more »

What are the Top 10 Words NOT to Use on Your LinkedIn Profile?

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Each year, LinkedIn release their top 10 overused buzzwords on LinkedIn profiles. In 2012, the most used word was creative as it was in 2011. In 2013, there’s a new winner – responsible. Here are the rest of the results from 2013 – courtesy of LinkedIn themselves: Top 10 overused buzzwords on LinkedIn profiles 2013: 1. Responsible 2. Strategic 3…. Read more »

ISG in Pittsburgh Business Times: “Go Beyond Surface When Reviewing Resumes”

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Integrative Staffing Group LLC offers a program to employers that it calls a “payroll service.” Through this program, a company is able to hire someone as a temporary employee. “A try before you buy,” said Bill Scherfel, managing partner of the Coraopolis-based staffing agency. The firm foots the bill for the employee’s salary during the… Read more »

3 Ways You Can Improve Your Chances of Getting a Job Offer

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As a professional, you have particular skills and abilities in the ways you can help companies grow or operate more smoothly or achieve their goals. Spending some quality time looking inward and identifying what you love to do (and what happens when you do it) is an important part of your job search success. But… Read more »

Wow! Them With Your Cover Letter

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You have a maximum of 20 seconds to wow the reader of your cover letter, so make it dynamic! It is critical that your cover letter be unique and specific to you, but also to the employer.  Individualize each and every cover letter to the job you are applying for.  And keep it brief.  Never… Read more »

8 Tips for Reentering the Work Force

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It is not easy losing the job you love and have given most of your adult life to making successful.  The recent economic downturn has affected many older employees—you know the ones with the higher salaries and established pension funds.  Employers are attracted to interns, temps and entry level employees now. How do you get… Read more »