Top 10 Ways to Impress in an Interview

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by Sophie Deering, UndercoverRecruiter Your resume may land you an interview, but it’s how you come across in the interview process that will really determine whether you land the role or not. The interview is your chance to really sell yourself and let your personality shine through. It’s important to be memorable, so be sure to… Read more »

How to Write a Cover Letter for Your First Job

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by Sophie Deering, UndercoverRecruiter You may find writing the cover letter for your first job very difficult. However, a well-written cover letter can very well be the key factor that distinguishes you from other entry-level job seekers. Despite not having much work experience, it is still possible for you to impress your potential employers. A quality… Read more »

The Intricacies of Networking to Find a Job

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by Ken Sundheim, SmartRecruiters Lately, there has been a spike in the number of articles that have been written on networking to find a job. While this is not a new concept, the overarching view of networking does bear some fundamental flaws. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans lack critical thinking skills and don’t consider the… Read more »

How to Beat an Internal Candidate at a Job Interview

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by Lia, Everyday Interview Tips Internal candidates definately have an advantage over outside candidates. They already know the company, the systems and processes and they have established relationships with many people. But, if they were perfect for the role, the company would not bother to advertise it externally. The fact that they have advertised the… Read more »