4 Resume Mistakes That Turn Off Hiring Managers

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by Michael Eisenstadt, The Staffing Stream Like most staffing companies, we’ve seen a lot of resumes and received valuable feedback from hiring managers on a good portion of them. As someone who isn’t a stellar resume writer, allow me to share an area of expertise: understanding what hiring managers don’t want to see (or are… Read more »

7 Job Search Mistakes Every Job Applicant Should Stop Doing

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by Amber Stanley, UndercoverRecruiter Job searching in a tough market is a daunting and tedious process. Not everyone was given the chance that they’ve wanted for their career. More often than not, every applicant finds more failure over success in each position they applied for. During the job hunt course, the applicant has to go… Read more »

2015’s Top Job Search Trend – in One Word

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by Jean Cummings, CareerHub Planning on looking for a new job in 2015? Here’s the one word to keep top of mind: ONLINE O: Over 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn to source and vet candidates | Over 80% use social media sites like Facebook or Twitter to rule applicants OUT N: Neglect building your online… Read more »

Where Welders Make the Most Money

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by Joshua Wright, EMSI The emergence of in-demand jobs that require a community college education or less but pay well—sometimes extremely well—is a big story, and a timely one with President Obama unveiling a plan to make community college free for millions of students. USA TODAYstarted a major series on jobs, using EMSI data, by focusing on these middle-skill… Read more »

Avoid These 6 Deadly Resume Mistakes

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by Heather Huhman, Glassdoor Blog Every job seeker knows the importance of writing a quality resume. Quality resumes are error-free, illustrate your accomplishments, and are targeted to the employer. While most job seekers follow these guidelines, there are some mistakes that are easily overlooked when writing a resume. If you feel like your resume is… Read more »

Temporary and contract assignments help Americans get the permanent jobs they want

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by American Staffing Association, 2014 ASA Staffing Employee Survey Results We have new hard facts that put a fresh face on a powerful truth about the staffing industry: Temporary and contract work is an effective bridge to permanent employment. Virtually all respondents to the 2014 ASA Staffing Employee Survey said that securing a permanent job… Read more »

How To Evaluate New Job Offers

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Negotiate with yourself before negotiating with employers. by Joey Trebif, JobMob We’ve all been there. We make the decision that it’s to time leave our current employer and look for another job. Once you’ve started your job search, you’ve cut the emotional ties and now it’s just a matter of time until you get the… Read more »

How to Be Irresistible in Interviews

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The non-intuitive formula to job interview success. by Sharon Saylor, JobMob You’ve role-played your interview over and over, you’ve researched the company and come up with three ways you will be a team player, how to be an asset to the company and the one thing you’ve learned from failure…. You’ve been coached on what… Read more »