Motivating Your Employees Isn’t Magic

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One of the most common questions a manager asks is how to best motivate their employees or how to keep them motivated in the long run. Even though it’s a common question, the solution is not elusive or complicated. 4 Easy Ways to Motivate Your Employees Without Magic Don’t worry, it doesn’t take anything magical… Read more »

Empower Your Employees to Help Create a Safe Working Environment

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A manager has to keep employees engaged and focused on many projects or responsibilities, but one of the hardest areas to motivate their employees is to follow safety protocols and programs. This problem can be corrected with decisive and empowering leadership. 3 Leadership Behaviors to Motivate Your Employees to Create a Safe Working Environment To… Read more »

How to Show Your Employees You Love Their Work Ethic

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Management is a balancing act – not only of work-related tasks and deadlines, but also when it comes to building relationships. A good manager is not best friends with everyone; they create some form of professional boundaries. However, that same manager also makes connections with employees and shows their appreciation, especially when their employees are… Read more »

Your 2019 HR Checklist

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The human resources department is busy throughout the year, with a variety of important responsibilities. Instead of getting overwhelmed or flustered with all your duties, use this month-to-month planning guide to make sure you keep track of deadlines and key tips. 2019 HR Checklist – by the Month January You still may be getting back… Read more »

2019 Hiring Trends You Need to Pay Attention To

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The end of the year is a great time to reflect on hiring practices and evaluate successes, review any shortcomings and prepare to freshen things up in the coming year. While it’s important to do what works best for your company, it’s also helpful to look at changes and trends in the industry. Pay Attention… Read more »

8 Onboarding Tips to Get New Employees Off to the Best Possible Start

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by Sophie Deering, UndercoverRecruiter So you’ve spent hours sourcing, interviewing and negotiating in order to find the perfect employee for your organization; you probably think that the hard part is over, right? Not quite. The first week or two in the job is an incredibly important time for your new employee, so it is essential that you ensure they get off on… Read more »

Being Liked Vs. Being Respected – You Don’t Have to Pick Just One

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by Lisa K. McDonald, This or that, black or white, yes or no, one or the other – not everything can be defined in such simple terms. “Being liked” and “being respected” in the workplace are neither polar opposites nor absolutes. Unfortunately, we often guided to believe that you can only pick one. This is not entirely… Read more »

5 Tips for Writing Job Descriptions That Don’t Suck

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by Brie Reynolds, In the past, hiring managers had their pick of candidates to choose from. Even with ho-hum job descriptions, your average hiring manager often found themselves inundated with job applications from eager job seekers. Not so anymore. Ask any recruiter, and they’ll tell you that today’s talent market isn’t what it used… Read more »

6 Ways to Immediately Filter Bad Resumes

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3 Benefits of Offering an Employee Learning and Development Program

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by Jen Dewar, The talent shortage has organizations struggling to find and retain top-tier talent. There simply aren’t enough qualified candidates to go around, and HR professionals are getting more strategic about how they approach recruitment and employee retention. However, organizations can get so caught up in the “here and now” that they often… Read more »