10 Common Recruiting Mistakes To Avoid

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by IESE Business School, SmartRecruiters Think you have incompetent employees? Time to ask yourself how they ended up working for you in the first place. The best way to avoid finding yourself surrounded by ineffective employees is not to make the following 10 mistakes during the recruitment and remuneration process: Focusing solely on money. Many… Read more »

7 Rules for Employee Engagement

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by Recruiter.com Welcome to Recruiter Q&A, where we pose employment-related questions to the experts and share their answers! This Week’s Question: How do you engage employees at work? These answers come from the members of BusinessCollective, a virtual mentorship program powered by America’s most ambitious young thought leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, and small business owners, including the members of FounderSociety. Give Them Ownership… Read more »

9 Job Search Trends Every Employer Needs To Know

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by Jason Buss, SmartRecruiters The competition for talent continues to heat up. According to Manpower’s 2014 Talent Shortage Survey, 40% of US employers experience difficulty filling jobs. As the power in the job market shifts from employer to candidate, understanding job seeker trends enables organizations to fine tune recruitment strategies and provides leverage for prospective… Read more »

How Online Company Reviews Can Impact Recruiting

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by Jayson DeMers, SmartRecruiters Job candidates have never been in a better position to research potential employers, and employees have never been more empowered to spill it all when it comes to reviewing their current workplace. Sites like Glassdoor, Vault and CareerLeak give interview candidates and employees the unprecedented opportunity to share the inside scoop… Read more »

Building a Stand-out Employer Brand

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by James Foley, The Staffing Stream The ability to attract right-fit talent — not just candidates who meet the basic requirements of the role, but who also share the company’s vision and goals — has become more difficult for today’s employers. With top talent in short supply, it has become a candidate’s market, with companies… Read more »