The Hidden Flaw In Behavioral Interview Questions

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by Mark Murphy, SmartRecruiters We’ve all used behavioral interview questions—questions that ask job candidates to recount a past experience so we can assess their likely future performance. In theory, behavioral interview questions should work just fine (because past behavior is usually a decent predictor of future behavior). But most interviewers ask behavioral questions in a… Read more »

Reaching Your Customers: Why Recruiting Needs To Be An Extension Of Marketing

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by My Say, SmartRecruiters Job seeking and recruiting have changed forever. Technology has made a huge impact on talent acquisition in recent years. Long gone are the days of classified ads and sifting through faxed resumes to attract and identify that perfect candidate. Today, job seekers have gone beyond emailing resumes and cover letters and… Read more »

4 Do’s and Don’ts for Your Company Career Site

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by Jason Buss A company’s corporate career site provides a great opportunity to showcase the true value proposition of an employer and can provide compelling reasons for both active and passive candidates to learn more and eventually express an interest in working for the company. Words, pictures, tweets and videos all play a role in… Read more »

#Job or #Career: Which Do You Offer?

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by Tom Gimbel   Job, noun \ˈjäb\ : the work that a person does regularly in order to earn money Career, noun \kə-ˈrir\ : a field for or pursuit of consecutive progressive achievement especially in public, professional, or business life There’s a difference between a job and a career, in definition and in reality. Yet… Read more »

Building a More Engaged Workforce

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by Linda Singer, SmartRecruiters One way to build a more productive and engaged workforce is to offer flexible jobs as part of your recruiting strategy. Flexible jobs are agreements between you and your employees to have alternatives to the regular nine to five job and these types of work arrangements are continuing to gain more and… Read more »

The Power of the High-Potential Hire

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Indeed Blog What makes a great employee? When you’re looking through your applicants, you might first be drawn to their experience, trying to understand if they’d be the right fit based on what they’ve done in the past. For growing businesses, though, the answer might not always lie in experience. Instead, you need to identify… Read more »