Give Candidates a Taste of Your Brand: 6 Ideas

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by Kate Reilly, LinkedIn Talent Blog When Sondra Dryer became PwC’s first Director of Recruitment Marketing 3.5 years ago, she didn’t know much about recruiting. Huh? That’s right. She was in charge of all the external branding initiatives for recruiting PwC’s 15,000 annual new hires, yet recruiting was relatively new to her. But she did know… Read more »

Affordable Care Act Update

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) will begin January 1, 2015 for employers with 100 or more full time equivalent employees. At Integrative Staffing Group, we have taken an aggressive, proactive approach by partnering with health benefit consultants, CPA firms and government affairs representatives in order to better understand the looming health care situation. THE PROBLEM… Read more »

View From the Boardroom: Happy to Work, Stay

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by Robert A. Funk, Staffing Industry Review Positive work environments create lasting employees Have you heard of employees being served lunch by their bosses? Believe it or not, it is fairly common at some workplaces. In fact, for employees of Marian Inc., a components manufacturer in Indianapolis, it’s a monthly occurrence. Executives don’t just serve… Read more »

9 Questions The Best Candidates Will Ask You

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by Lou Adler, LinkedIn Talent Blog To make more balanced career decisions, I suggested that job-seekers should take matters into their own hands and ask recruiters and hiring managers a very specific set of 9 questions. The questions will help candidates figure out what the job really entails, what is the environment in the company… Read more »

The one downside of your open-door policy

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by Rich Henson, ManageElite Blog Rules of thumb are great, but they are not absolute truths in all situations. For instance, it’s a rule of thumb that great managers have an open-door policy. Another rule of thumb is successful organizations solve problems close to where the problem occurred. In other words, if you have a… Read more »

Don’t Buy Into These Millennial Myths

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by Lindsey Pollak, Millennial Workplace Expert As I said in the Tomorrow@Work report for the Hartford’s Trends Forecast, this is the year Millennials will finally be taken seriously as leaders, and we’ll end the Millennial-bashing once and for all. The media is turning a corner from portraying Millennials as “entitled,” “coddled” and “addicted to their… Read more »

Are Curveball Interview Questions Beneficial?

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by Mark Potter, UndercoverRecruiter How lucky are you, and why? If you were a box of cereal, what would you be and why? How many square feet of pizza is eaten in the US each year? The famed ‘curveball question’ was once the sole preserve of mega-corporations like Apple. However, their popularity as a recruitment… Read more »