Why Interviews Won’t Ensure A Good Fit

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by Liz Kislik, SmartRecruiters Clients and other business people often ask me for interview questions that will reveal which candidates are most likely to succeed in a particular job. But there’s no standard set of questions, because it’s all about the fit. And only someone inside the organization can know what that needs to be…. Read more »

The Intricacies of Networking to Find a Job

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by Ken Sundheim, SmartRecruiters Lately, there has been a spike in the number of articles that have been written on networking to find a job. While this is not a new concept, the overarching view of networking does bear some fundamental flaws. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans lack critical thinking skills and don’t consider the… Read more »

How to Beat an Internal Candidate at a Job Interview

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by Lia, Everyday Interview Tips Internal candidates definately have an advantage over outside candidates. They already know the company, the systems and processes and they have established relationships with many people. But, if they were perfect for the role, the company would not bother to advertise it externally. The fact that they have advertised the… Read more »

The Hidden Flaw In Behavioral Interview Questions

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by Mark Murphy, SmartRecruiters We’ve all used behavioral interview questions—questions that ask job candidates to recount a past experience so we can assess their likely future performance. In theory, behavioral interview questions should work just fine (because past behavior is usually a decent predictor of future behavior). But most interviewers ask behavioral questions in a… Read more »