4 Tips for Answering Oddball Interview Questions

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by Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, MRW, Glassdoor Blog Your hair and clothes are pristine. You conduct a final run-through of common interview questions. Calm descends upon you. You are confident and cool as you enter the job interview. That is, until your prospective boss slings a question like those listed on Glassdoor’s annual Top 25 Oddball Interview… Read more »

5 Expert Tips for Following Up After a Job Interview

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by Sharlyn Lauby, Mashable The big job interview you’ve been prepping for and stressing over for days or weeks is over, and you can finally breathe a sigh of relief — except now comes the hard part: Waiting to hear back. You’re excited about the opportunity, and you want to do everything in your power… Read more »

Is Your Resume Holding You Back?

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by Edd Rennolls, UndercoverRecruiter The job market is overcrowded with applicants all wanting to be the one who gets picked out of the crowd and lands the job. However, there are two areas where you have a chance to outshine your competition and embark on your new career. Everyone knows that their resume has to… Read more »

3 Ways to Stay Cool in Interviews and Get Your Dream Job

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by Matthew Burke, Undercover Recruiter As an experienced counselor with a fairly deep understanding of human nature, I can say this with total confidence: job interviews freak people out! In my time as a therapist, I’ve interacted with some truly capable people. I’ve coached business professionals who wield a great deal of influence, I’ve counseled… Read more »

Will Strong Coffee Help me in the Interview?

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by UndercoverRecruiter Going for a job interview can be nerve-wracking. If you really want to make a good impression, you will need nerves of steel! Of course, you want to make the best impression possible, and there are a number of ways to ensure you create a positive reaction from your interview. Many individuals have… Read more »

Top 25 Oddball Interview Questions for 2014

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by Glassdoor It’s always a challenge for employers to come up with great oddball questions to throw at candidates during an interview. Every year, Glassdoor combs through tens of thousands of interview questions shared by job candidates over the past year to compile its annual list of the Top 25 Oddball Interview Questions. See if… Read more »

4 Steps to Ace a Video Interview

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by Donna Fuscaldo, Glassdoor Blog Blame it on technology or cost cutting efforts but either way companies are increasingly using video interviews to weed out job candidates. For some companies it’s used in the beginning stages of the interview process while for others it’s all they’ve got. For job candidates it means they have to… Read more »

How to Get Over a Job Search Slump

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by Ken Sundheim, Undercover Recruiter If you think of your job search like a sport, then it is natural to expect peaks and valleys in your own performance. Still, there is nothing more draining, humbling and dispiriting than consistent rejection and non-responsiveness during a job search. I’ve learned that when interviewing, challenges or problems will… Read more »