Workforce Management Solutions

Integrative Staffing Group knows that you have a business to run and that hiring, firing, payroll, bringing on top management and healthcare all cause stress — and many sleepless nights.

Your business will benefit from our comprehensive suite of workforce management solutions that will let you get back to doing what you do best.

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Our services include:

Temporary staffing »

Complete projects on time; manage workload fluctuations and seasonal demand. Reach critical deadlines without adding to headcount or overtime expenses. 70% of all temporaries assigned eventually convert to direct hire.

Temporary-to-hire »

Try one of our employees on the job to check out their skills and work ethic before offering a career position. Reduce your risk of making a bad hire, while ensuring work gets done.

Direct hire placement »

We recruit, screen and interview candidates for you – even oil and gas professionals with specialized expertise or experts with special clearances. It’s a faster and more efficient hiring process.

Executive search »

ISG will search for talented executives who meet your specifications. We’ll bring in proven leaders for you to choose from to fill your key executive roles.

HR consulting »

Get expert guidance to your toughest human resource challenges. Outsource your HR department to ISG and we can handle recruiting, hiring, training and reviews, freeing you to focus on your business goals.

Payrolling »

Wasting resources on payroll administration? ISG can manage every detail for you, including paycheck distribution, tax withholding and benefits. Eliminate exposure to workers compensation claims or ACA noncompliance.

Workplace safety services »

Top 10 Reasons for Using Integrative Staffing Group’s
Workplace Safety Services

No Time: “We don’t have time to work on preventing injuries or a full time safety manager.”

Knowledge: “We don’t have the knowledge to develop an effective injury prevention program.”

Government: “OSHA was just here!” “DOT was just here!” “My OSHA log is not done!”

HR Problems: “We need help with Human Resource Management.”

Qualification: “My client wants a copy of our safety program and it’s out of date.”

High Cost: “Our EMR and Premium are too high! We are losing business or can’t afford the cost.”

Responsibility: “I’ve just been given responsibility for Safety or HR and don’t know where to start.”

Need Training: “We need safety training on…” : “We need HR related training on…”

Policies: “We need a safety policy on…” : “We need an HR policy on…”

Injury Trends: “We’ve had a bunch of new injuries lately.”

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ISG offers no cost initial consultations to any existing clients.

Vendor-on-premises »

Our on-site coordinator will recruit, screen and train employees, track attendance, manage payroll, provide reports and conduct employee reviews. We take care of the administrative details so you can operate more cost effectively – and get more done.

Managed Service Provider (MSP) »

A Managed Service Provider or Managed Staffing Provider (MSP) is an outsourced solution managed by an external firm that is responsible for managing staffing service vendors and measuring their effectiveness in recruiting according to specific talent requirements. MSPs are used to coordinate the sourcing, vetting, and placing of contingent workers, and consolidate your non-permanent staff spend under one program. Providers manage your entire contingent labor process, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Guiding and collaborating with you to identify and understand resource gaps;
  • Sourcing viable candidates by either recruiting directly or leveraging and coordinating approved staffing agencies; and
  • Placing, managing, and evaluating qualified, contingent workers with your firm.

In addition, MSPs oversee the performance and compliance of all associated vendors. MSPs provide a level of staffing industry and sourcing expertise your business might not otherwise possess.

Often, a vendor management system (VMS) is used in conjunction with an MSP to track, record, and coordinate the various steps in the contingent labor hiring process. A VMS is a software system or web-based application that is used to manage and purchase staffing services. The types of staffing services typically managed in a VMS include temporary employees, independent contractors, freelancers, consultants, and other contingent workforce resources.

MSPs have been around for more than two decades but leveraging a VMS system to support a business’s contingent workforce is relatively new. Aberdeen research suggests that currently, approximately two-thirds of U.S. firms have an MSP program for managing their contingent workforce.

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