8 Tips for Reentering the Work Force


It is not easy losing the job you love and have given most of your adult life to making successful.  The recent economic downturn has affected many older employees—you know the ones with the higher salaries and established pension funds.  Employers are attracted to interns, temps and entry level employees now.

How do you get back into the work force?  By launching your “once again career”.  Reentering the workforce after an absence can be a little frightening and can create doubt and anxiety about your ability to find a job plus the concerns about fitting in.

You can have a great career comeback with the following tips

1)  Determine which are the newest hot careers and what types of positions are available constantly within them.. Online research and/or industry publications available at your local library are helpful here.  Then do a self-assessment to make sure you possess the skills needed or those you need to acquire.

2) Focus on using a functional resume rather than a chronological one.  It will emphasize abilities and accomplishments rather than where and when you acquired them.  Include a work history in your cover letter if you wish.

3) Skills, qualifications and experience will be what make you perfect for the job.  Do not apologize for time off work, but make a positive statement about what you were doing and then move onto skills you learned during that time.

4) Establish valuable contacts through volunteering for your favorite charity.  Employers now view volunteer work as relevant job experience and it will add to your resume.

5) Let others know you are looking for a job.  Network through former co-workers, family, friends, social networking contacts and professional associations.  Be sure to have digital (think a CD or jump drive) and paper copies of your resume with you at all times.  Don’t forget a professional looking business card with full contact information.

6) Offer to intern for a company that interests you and for which your skills are a good match.  Free access to your expertise and wisdom may just be the door opener.

7) Ask for an informational interview.  You will collect information about the career field or industry and any available jobs within that company.  If the company you are interested in does not have a program designed for this purpose, develop a proposition to create one and then become the first to use this “return to work” program.

8) Maintain your confidence and positive attitude.  Always focus on stressing your experience, your skills and the position you want.  Let employers know you have what it takes to do the job.


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