Here are Some of the Best Interview Stories So Far


Wardrobe Malfunctions

“My very 1st job was for a local grocery store in walking distance from my house. My best friends worked there as a Cashier & I had To get this job! I thought I nailed the interview till I stood up & my wrap around denim skirt fell off & I was standing there in my slip. Needless to say, that red-faced 16yr old did get the job! Not sure if it was on my own merit or cause my skirt ended up on the floor!!!!”

“I had an interview with a company within the restaurant business. I had parked outside and when I was getting out of the car the crotch of my pants had ripped open. So I had to enter the interview with a hole in my pants, trying to hide it the whole time with the folder I was holding my resume in. The killer was at the end when i had to get up and shake the interviewers hand and the folder fell to the floor.”


“This happened to my sister…As she was entering the interviewers office my sister tripped, fell to the ground, and hit her head on a chair. She did not get the job!”


“I flew from Los Angeles to San Francisco to interview for a regular technical writing position. I was interviewed by the hiring manager and the interview seemed to go well. Then he paused and said that he needed to be sure that I could work with their current technical writer. The manager paused and said, “He’s different…” I was taken to the writer’s office and he seemed like a regular guy–nothing unusual. In the middle of a question on editing, though, he threw his head back, clenched his fists and started wailing like a baby. After a minute, he stopped and repeated his question. A few minutes later, he started laughing hysterically and talking as if he were a very young, semi-articular child. He asked me who I was and why I was there. So, I answered, “I am here for a job.” The “child” giggled and spoke to me for a few minutes and then the regular guy popped back. This continued, in varying degrees, for more than 40 minutes. Afterwards, the hiring manager told me that the writer was suffering from multiple personality disorder–he assured me that his work, when he actually wrote, was superlative. I’ve been interviewed many times by more than one person but I have to admit: that was the only time I have been interviewed by three people inside one body, one of whom cried consistently in my presence.”

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