3 Ways You Can Improve Your Chances of Getting a Job Offer


getting a job offerAs a professional, you have particular skills and abilities in the ways you can help companies grow or operate more smoothly or achieve their goals. Spending some quality time looking inward and identifying what you love to do (and what happens when you do it) is an important part of your job search success.

But what if you are one of those people that cringe when it comes time to communicate those strengths and “sell” yourself in a job interview?

We would like to offer you another perspective or belief system about what selling is–different from the one you might have now. It’s so important you know how to sell yourself because when you are able to communicate your strengths in a way that compels others, you are doing yourself and them a great favor. After all, you can’t help a company that doesn’t hire you.

To boost your know-like-and-trust factor in your job interviews, it’s vital you know how to encourage potential employers to hire you in a way that’s ethical, full of integrity and authentically you.

What this means for you is that you will attract the interest of more employers, receive bigger and better job offers, and feel confident in the way you’re communicating the ways that you can help potential employers get the results they want…and that only you can deliver. So everyone gets what they want and desire.

So, here are three tips to help get you started:

Tip #1: Steer the interview by frequently mentioning your value

So, if you’re offering turnaround expertise, you will frequently refer to your turnaround projects.

If you are a marketing expert, you will frequently share the results of your marketing efforts throughout the interview.

By focusing on the results you get, you will quickly and easily build the value of who you can be to your potential employers.

Tip #2: Create before and after stories

Everybody loves to hear before and after stories, even in an interview setting. And the best ones clearly paint a before and after picture (and the worse the better–so don’t hold back!).

Think of all the problems, challenges and dire situations with your past company (or companies) and how great things are now that you have helped them.

Tip #3: Make THEM an offer they can’t resist

The point is to create an “offer” that’s so irresistible, your interviewers think, “We have to hire this person!”

To do this, you need to offer something they believe they can’t get anywhere else. Be creative!

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