2019 Hiring Trends You Need to Pay Attention To


The end of the year is a great time to reflect on hiring practices and evaluate successes, review any shortcomings and prepare to freshen things up in the coming year. While it’s important to do what works best for your company, it’s also helpful to look at changes and trends in the industry.

Pay Attention to These Four Hiring Trends in 2019

1. Recruitment Marketing

This focus of marketing is solely based on the marketing tactics of talent acquisition. While that may seem straightforward, not many companies are devoting much thought to doing these tactics well.

To kick off 2019, begin analyzing how you can strategize your marketing efforts to create awareness, invoke consideration, and create genuine interest in potential workers at your company.

2. Candidate Experience

It’s important to understand the overall perception of a candidate’s experience throughout the recruiting process. This would include their feelings, attitudes and experiences starting from the job posting to the very last interview follow-up (including a rejection). If a job candidate has an overall positive experience, even if they don’t receive a job offer, they are more likely to reapply for a future position and give the company a positive review to friends or professional connections.

Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes and consider how you would rate the overall experience, so you can begin tweaking your processes to make them even better for future candidates.

3. Recruitment Automation Tools

Yes, the recruitment process has been automated for quite a while now; however, in 2019 there will be new software that takes it to the next level. These programs will combine applicant tracking systems as well as recruitment marketing solutions.

One program will help you find, attract, engage, nurture and convert candidates into real applicants. These programs will also streamline and simplify the hiring process, meaning you will be able to hire the right applicant faster. This might just sound like fancy software, but you should also consider the fact you may be losing great candidates simply because another company engaged them better or hired them faster.

4. Strategic Alignment

Gone are the days when the hiring managers are functioning as silos of a company. Recruiting and hiring managers should be working with the overall strategy of the company. For hiring to be more strategically aligned with the company, you must have discussions with other department leaders on the skills gaps within the company so you can hire candidates to take your company to future success, not just satisfy today’s tasks.

Revamp Your Hiring Processes

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