Become a Welding Professional With This Fast-Paced Instructional Program


Welding jobs are steadily increasing in the country. A stable career is a professional goal for most job seekers, but sometimes, it can be hard to find the time to receive proper training as a busy adult, already immersed in the workforce.

Pittsburgh recruiting company, Integrative Staffing Group, specializes their offerings in the oil and gas industry. The company also offers an instructional program to provide prospective welders with proper training, experience and knowledge to enter the industry and begin a secure career.

Become a Professional Welder

Integrative Staffing Group (ISG) has partnered with Sippel Steel Fabrication to create the Instructional Welding Program for the busy professional to gain everything they need to enter the welding industry. Here are a few of the topics and skills covered in the program:

  • Blueprint reading
  • Layout
  • Fitting
  • Floor supervising

Class Sizes That Allow for Personal Attention

The ISG Instructional Welding Program restricts the class size, making it possible for participants to benefit from personal attention and training from the experienced instructors. Not only does the small class size make it possible to receive individualized coaching and get questions answered easily, it allows the students and instructors to develop a professional relationship as well.

A Convenient Schedule for Your Life

As a busy professional, you need a fast-paced program that fits into your commitments and responsibilities. The ISG Instructional Welding Program offers two class options – a morning session and an evening session. Each option is four hours long; not too daunting for a busy schedule.

Job Placement Opportunities

Perhaps the most exciting offering of the ISG Instructional Welding Program is the immediate job placement opportunity after the program is successfully completed. This incredible resource is invaluable when entering a new career and needing to earn a living without the delay of looking for an open job position.

Get Your Welding Training Underway

To learn more and get your welding training started, contact us today! For more information call Mike at ISG @ 866-868-HIRE (4473) Ext. 211

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