Are You a Veteran and Looking for a Great Job?


If you’ve recently left the armed services, embarking on a job search can seem quite daunting. In fact, while this is a valid concern, the job market is full of promise for veterans.

Use Your Skills

The best jobs for veterans are often ones that utilize the skills they’ve gained during their deployment or military training. While at first this might seem like a niche industry, there are several jobs that span a variety of industries that match this point.

Before conducting a job search in any of the categories listed below, it’s important you take time to consider what skills you mastered while serving in the armed forces. Everything from leadership and communication skills to specific technical skills are important to note.

5 Job Categories for Veterans & Their Unique Skills

1. Skilled Trades

This is a promising job category for many veterans because of the experience working with your hands. Plus, there are programs to help veterans transition to the workforce. Jobs in this category include positions from aircraft mechanics to plumbing and welding, and everything in between.

2. Education

Many members of the military have experience mentoring or training others, so a job in education can be a great fit. While additional education and certifications are required, there are programs that help assist with these processes.

3. Engineering

Some of the country’s top aerospace and defense manufacturers seek to employ veterans because of their experience using the exact equipment and products they produce. This is another example of how military experience is extremely valuable, even when transitioning to a civilian career.

4. Transportation & Logistics

Since many veterans have experience directing or coordinating the movement of supplies or vehicles during their service, jobs like these can be great fit. From airline pilots or traffic controllers, to commercial truck driving, there are many opportunities in this category for veterans.

5. Healthcare

Healthcare is a broad field, ranging from allied health to more specialized medicine. For example, dental, nursing, specialized technicians, EMTs, etc., there are many options that are appealing to veterans because of their experience during combat or training.

Other job categories that veterans should consider when matching their skills are:

  • Telecommunications & IT
  • Finance & Business Management
  • Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement
  • Outdoor Jobs
  • Animal Care
  • Federal Government Jobs
  • Overseas Jobs
  • Business Ownership

Seek Help on Resume & Interview Preparation

Once you find job categories that spark your interest, seek the advice of recruiting professionals to help you craft your cover letters, resumes and interview skills. Relying on their expertise will help make your military experience a stepping stone into a new career.

Get Started on a Job Search With Professionals to Help

If you’re ready to find a job that’s perfect for your skill set, contact Integrative Staffing Group, a SDVOSB-certified company.

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