Your 2019 HR Checklist


The human resources department is busy throughout the year, with a variety of important responsibilities. Instead of getting overwhelmed or flustered with all your duties, use this month-to-month planning guide to make sure you keep track of deadlines and key tips.

2019 HR Checklist – by the Month


You still may be getting back into the groove after the holidays, but tax season is fast-approaching! You’ll need to distribute W-2s by the end of the month. Work with your payroll provider to make the January 31 compliance deadline. Then, mark your calendar with other important payroll and tax dates.


The W-4 tax form is critically important to every employee, as it determines how much they want to withhold from their paycheck for taxes. Remind your employees that if they care to adjust their forms for 2019, they must do so by February 15.


Just like the spring season coming up, you can now look beyond year-end responsibilities. Now is the time to consider creative ways to enrich your employees and the company culture. Consider holding a company potluck or a luncheon for National Employee Appreciation Day to boost morale and help shake off any winter blues.


Since this month can be slower for big deadlines and compliance issues, now is a good time to reflect on what worked well last year, what you could do better this year, and to dive into some of your hiring data. Do what you can to strategically plan the rest of your year and improve anywhere you see necessary. To keep ahead of the game, review your PTO policies before the vacation season is here!


As you approach the middle of the year, it’s a good time to focus on performance reviews. Since there are many different cycles or styles for conducting employee performance reviews, you can consider a variety of options and determine what makes the most sense for your company. It’s also important to train the managers on how to conduct the reviews and report feedback.


Summer is here and it’s officially the season of vacations. Since you spent time earlier in the year updating your PTO policies, be sure your employees fully understand PTO protocols. Summer is also the time to bring in interns to help learn the business as well as even consider for post-graduate hiring. Now is the time to put together intern programs, materials, and finalize plans to bring them in the company.


Since the middle of summer can be somewhat slow for some business, and because the year is now halfway through, it’s a good time to solicit feedback from your employees. Ask them questions relating to work culture, management structure, work benefits, wellness programs and more.


As you wrap up the summer, take a minute to reflect on your own goals and career. Now is a great time to do some reflection on how you can improve your performance or maybe even ask for a raise at your job. Follow your own advice and thoroughly evaluate your career path.


In this month, it’s National Payroll Week. It might not be the most exciting national holiday, but it is a great opportunity to educate employees on their options for receiving their paycheck, like paper checks or direct deposit. You can also use this time to talk to employees about how percentages of their checks can be put into a savings account to stick to a healthy budget.


Health insurance can be a confusing topic. Now is the time of the year to commit to educating your employees about open enrollment in your benefits packages. Share the trends in the benefits space, highlight major changes, communicate important dates for enrollment and be available for questions as they are likely to pop up.


The holiday season is right around the corner. A year can pass by quickly, and just like summer, you may experience an increase in PTO requests. Unfortunately, as the temperature drops, you may have more sick days to deal with as well. Do your best to work with your employees to find adequate coverage so productivity doesn’t drop.


As the year comes to a close, you now need to focus on your holiday gifts, end-of-year bonuses, holiday parties and other ways to end the year on a great note. With ample recognition, your employees will feel appreciated and motivated to come back in the new year, ready to work hard!

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