How to Show Your Employees You Love Their Work Ethic


Management is a balancing act – not only of work-related tasks and deadlines, but also when it comes to building relationships. A good manager is not best friends with everyone; they create some form of professional boundaries. However, that same manager also makes connections with employees and shows their appreciation, especially when their employees are working hard.

It’s vital that as a manager, you show employees you appreciate their hard work and dedication. If gone unnoticed, your workers may feel undervalued. This can lead to a decrease in productivity, lackluster performance or even them looking for another job. Don’t lose a good worker just because you didn’t show your appreciation!

How Can I Show Appreciation to My Team?

Recognize them in little ways

When your employees do a great job and are working tirelessly, send a quick email shout-out to the group showing your appreciation. You can also choose to send a quick note to your employee, thanking them for their hard work. Whatever makes sense for your team or company structure will be a great way to let employees know you value their hard work.

Show interest in their personal lives

As you create that manager-employee relationship, it’s important to find balance. Without trying to become best friends, learn what your employee enjoys as a hobby, who they spend their weekends with or where they’d like to travel someday. Learning these little things can help build a strong relationship that will benefit office morale. By showing your employees you value them more than just the work they do, you will improve performance and productivity.

Make time to connect and catch up

Employees perform their best when they know what is expected of them and when they can get questions clarified. Be sure to make yourself available to answer questions and set up regular times to check in with your employees to give feedback and receive project updates.

Be honest and transparent

While it’s important to be supportive to your workers, that doesn’t mean that everything should be sugar-coated. Employees will value honest and constructive feedback, especially when you take the time in other ways to show your appreciation for their hard work.

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