How to Promote Safety as an Employee


Safety in the workplace is extremely important, but often pushed aside. Not only should you strive to keep you and your coworkers safe for their well-being, but injuries and sickness due to safety negligence can decrease overall productivity and put a damper on the entire team.

That’s why both managers and employees alike should be invested in promoting the safety protocols and procedures at the workplace.

5 Ways to Promote Safety as an Employee

As an employee, an integral player on the team, you have a unique power to get your coworkers and managers to adhere to the safety guidelines at the workplace. Without being too bossy or stepping out of place, you can encourage your coworkers to work safely. When your team is focused on safety, production or productivity will increase as well as morale.

Follow these simple guidelines to promote safety to your coworkers and managers.

Tip #1

Be aware of your rights for compensation and refusal to participate in unsafe work.

Tip #2

Wear relevant gear, use appropriate equipment, and take the necessary steps to minimize the risk of injury during any project.

Tip #3

Join a work safety group to discuss workplace issues or concerns.

Tip #4

Take the initiative to educate or coach your coworkers or managers about safety issues (discuss with managers prior to talking to the group).

Tip #5

Participate in medical screenings, workshops, or training opportunities that your labor unions or employers offer.

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