Empower Your Employees to Help Create a Safe Working Environment


A manager has to keep employees engaged and focused on many projects or responsibilities, but one of the hardest areas to motivate their employees is to follow safety protocols and programs.

This problem can be corrected with decisive and empowering leadership.

3 Leadership Behaviors to Motivate Your Employees to Create a Safe Working Environment

To improve the safety performance in your workplace, try to implement these three leadership behaviors.

1. Lead by Example

As a supervisor or manager, you must demonstrate your own commitment to safety. Be sure to follow all of the proper safety procedures and policies. You should set the standard and then, your employees may also be more motivated to follow the plans you have in place. If your employees do not see their leaders following the safety protocols, it is unreasonable to expect your employees to take safety seriously.

2. Coach Your Employees

Sometimes, safety procedures are just introduced without employees being fully aware of the risks involved. Be a coach to your employees, making them aware of any risks in their jobs. It’s also important to help your employees understand the risks of taking shortcuts in their projects. These risks can not only compromise quality, but could also cause accident or injury. In the long run, shortcuts on the job can decrease productivity but employees may not understand that without the helpful coaching of a manager.

3. Encourage Open Communication

Every good leader will encourage employees to ask questions whenever and always. They will also accept feedback and this is important when it applies to safety in the workplace as well. Open communication is reciprocal so be sure to be straight forward in your expectations for performance, deadlines, and quality. Talking about safety can happen formally and informally, but it is important that you encourage open communication about this important subject.

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