New Talent Tracker Makes Recruiting Mobile in Pittsburgh


Integrative Staffing Group has been a full-service staffing organization that has grown immensely in the past 24+ years, not only expanding our offerings across several neighboring states, but also changing the way job seeking, hiring, and administration needs are met.

The reality is that there is no one way to successfully hire the perfect candidate. Grassroots recruiting practices can be quite effective, and that is what we set out to do with the Talent Tracker. Similarly, there is no one way to search for the perfect job to fit your career. The Talent Tracker provides a fresh approach for this issue as well.

Our Mobile Answer to Seize Job Placement Opportunities

At Integrative Staffing Group, we wanted to help both job seekers and hiring professionals to maximize their abilities to be successful. Our new Talent Tracker is a way for the job seeker to learn about which jobs are available in your area that will help you excel in your career. It’s also an opportunity to interview candidates for open positions, with the help of staffing agency pros, no matter where you are.

Job Seekers – Find a Local Job that Excites You & Moves You Toward Your Goals

Job fairs or industry events can be a great opportunity to learn about new companies and look for possible job opportunities. But it can be overwhelming navigating the tents, determining which companies are hiring for your area of expertise, and organizing all the information you receive to make an educated choice on which jobs to apply to.

There’s a way to make it easier. A lot easier. Stop by our Talent Tracker RV and instead, discuss your career goals and qualifications with our industry experts. They can help you find job opportunities that will match your skill set, career goals, and your ideal working environment. The best news is, you can apply right from our Talent Tracker. That’s quite a productive afternoon!

Hiring Managers – Get Noticed by Serious, Promising Candidates at Local Events

We are attending the local job fairs and industry events that you are. What’s different is that we stand out as experts in placing qualified, promising candidates to companies where they will thrive. This brings the best candidates to our Talent Tracker RV so they can find the best company matches and apply right there.

If you want those enthusiastic candidates at your company, get in touch with us so we can help you find the right talent for your open positions.

Want the Talent Tracker at Your Next Event?

A great way to harness the power of the Talent Tracker and the expertise of Integrative Staffing Group is to invite us to come to your work for a special event or seasonal break at your company. If you have a construction job or project that is ending soon and will have lots of workers in need of their next job, tell us and we will come to you!

If you are an event organizer for the local professional groups and want to have us there, let us know – we would love to be there!

Learn More About Talent Tracker

To learn more about our new Talent Tracker, to find out where it will be next, or to schedule it for your event, contact Integrative Staffing Group.

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