Healthy Energy Drink Alternatives for Longer Shifts


A long shift is taxing, both mentally and physically. When you need a boost during your day, it’s easy and maybe even a habit, to reach for an energy drink. Even the sugar-free options are full of artificial, synthetic ingredients that are better to avoid. Plus, the drinks often cause you to feel a crash after the initial burst of energy. The good news is that you can get a sustainable energy boost with other options.

5 Ways to Boost Your Energy – Without an Energy Drink

Natural energy-boosters are a healthier option than the classic energy drink when you’re in need of a pick me up during a long shift. They are effective at helping you stay focused and motivated, plus, they contribute to overall health, making your productivity in the workplace sustainable for the long haul. Check out this list for five effective ideas:

1. Hydrate With Water!

It might not sound too exciting, but this is nature’s energy. Dehydration is a major cause of sluggishness and fatigue. Make sure you keep water on hand. Don’t let more than 90 minutes go by without drinking water. A simple rule of thumb to stay hydrated is to drink 10 gulps (nothing huge) of water before putting your bottle or glass down. Make a small investment in a durable water bottle to make drinking water easy, convenient, and also cost-effective (bottled waters add up quickly!).

2. Green Smoothies or Juices.

We’re talking about the natural kind, not the varieties full of added sugar. These days, you’re able to find the juices or smoothies in regular grocery stores that are made only of the vegetables and fruits listed – nothing added to it. If you’re used to sugary drinks, this is quite a departure, but you’ll feel great with the extra vitamins, nutrients, and ultimately, energy!

3. Protein Drinks.

Similar to being adequately hydrated, or nourished with vitamins, protein plays a role in your energy levels. You can buy protein powder in larger quantities and mix it with water when you want to have a boost. You can also find protein drinks at grocery stores, convenience stores, and even in some vending machines. Most varieties pack at least 20g of protein in each serving – a healthy amount to give you an energy boost without the crash.

4. Green Tea.

This drink does include caffeine, but in smaller quantities than coffee. Green tea does not have the crashing effect and it has plenty of proven health benefits. Do your best to avoid adding sugar or other stimulants to the tea, although adding a few drops of local honey adds an additional health benefit. You can also find other naturally flavored green tea varieties, like peppermint, if you’re not a fan of the purely natural taste.

4. Healthy Trail Mix.

Avoid the mix-laden with M&Ms. A good option would include healthy fat (nuts and seeds) and some dried fruit. Nuts, seeds, and dried fruits have enough flavor that you shouldn’t grab a pack with added salt or sugar. The balance of carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats will give you a sustainable energy boost and a filling snack!

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