Motivating Your Employees Isn’t Magic


One of the most common questions a manager asks is how to best motivate their employees or how to keep them motivated in the long run. Even though it’s a common question, the solution is not elusive or complicated.

4 Easy Ways to Motivate Your Employees Without Magic

Don’t worry, it doesn’t take anything magical to motivate your employees. It’s actually quite simple. Follow these suggestions to boost your employees’ motivation and overall company productivity and morale.

1. Express Your Thanks for Their Work

As a manager, you should not be stingy with telling your employees “thank you.” It’s one of the most effective ways to motivate your employees and it doesn’t cost a single cent. Many employees feel underappreciated and undervalued and this can negatively affect work performance. The good news is that it doesn’t take long to change this by telling your employees that you appreciate their hard work.

2. Celebrate Success

When a worker goes above and beyond their goals or performance standards, you should celebrate that success. You should also consider celebrating team successes or even retirements. Celebrating achievements is a sign of appreciation and when you do it together as a team, it builds morale and keeps your employees motivated.

3. Ask Them About Their Goals

Make time to ask your employees about their career goals. You want to get an understanding of both their short- and long-term goals. Then, you can create an individual development plan for each employee, helping them reach their potential. When you help your employees achieve their professional goals, they are motivated and excited to keep working hard.

4. Create a Positive Office Environment

It’s not always easy, but it is incredibly important to create a positive work environment for your team. This of course, must start with you. Simple things like saying “hello,” and genuinely ask how your employees are doing. Every once in a while, surprise them with a little breakfast or lunch catered. These little gestures go a great distance to motivate your employees and boost morale.

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