Prepping for an Interview Takes Planning


A job interview is a big deal so it’s no surprise that to be adequately prepared, you take some time to properly plan for success. Follow this complete list to prepare yourself for your next interview and impress the hiring managers.

Plan & Prepare for Interview Success with These 6 Steps

There are several steps to fully prepare for a successful job interview.

1. Research the Company

Look at the website and any social media platforms to know what you can about the company. Everything from their mission and values to what products and services they offer are important. Take it another step and even look at the workers and managers at the company. You want to gain as much understanding about what your role would be and who you might work with at the company during your research. This will pay off as you answer interview questions and may also help to decrease your job interview anxiety.

2. Compare Skills with the Requirements of the Job

Take time to consider which of your skills and qualifications match up with the job description. Outline the knowledge, skills, and abilities so you can be prepared to how you will be a great fit for the job position.

3. Prepare Responses

Based on what you’ve outlined from the previous step and doing some basic research on popular interview questions, you should prepare responses to some questions. Do not rehearse and sound unnatural, but a bit of preparation will help you be concise and confident in your responses during the interview.

4. Plan Your Outfit & What to Bring

Don’t wait until the morning of to plan what outfit you want to wear and what you need to bring with you. Instead, you need make sure your clothes are clean and pressed, ready to make a great first impression.

Be sure to make extra copies of your resume, pack a notepad and writing utensil, and pack anything else you might need, like water or mints. You also need to create a list of references to hand out to your interviewer at the end. If there is any outstanding information that you need to complete the job application, bring that as well.

5. Pay Attention to Body Language

Before you even get to your interview, as you are preparing your responses, pay attention to your own non-verbal communication, or body language. Maintaining eye contact and good posture are just two ways to practice confident and professional body language during your interview. Remember – your interview begins as soon as you enter the office, in the lobby!

6. Know How to Follow-Up

During the interview, most often at the end, there is time for you to ask your interviewer any questions. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity. Not only will it help you clarify any concerns you might have, but it also demonstrates your interest in the job position and the company.

In addition to questions relating to the position, be sure to gather the contact information of your interviewer and any other people who stepped into the interview process. This way, you can send a follow-up thank you note or email.

Find the Right Job to Help You Achieve Your Career Goals

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