What are the Best Shoes for Your Job?


Proper footwear on the job can help keep you safe from injuries, comfortable throughout long hours, and even help you stay productive. Yep, footwear for the workplace is an important investment!

Your Shoes Need to Meet Regulation & Safety Standards

It’s important to note that OSHA requires workers to wear protective footwear in industrial settings. Your employer is responsible to enforce these standards, but it’s important you purchase the right pair of shoes that follow these guidelines.

When you are purchasing your shoes for the job, understand that there are some shoes that are created specifically to keep you safe in your unique line of work. For example, electricians have shoes that are designed to keep them safe in an environment where there is a risk for stepping on live wires.

A Few Recommendations for Shoes to Keep You Safe & Comfortable at Work

Consider these shoe traits and features that will keep you safe and comfortable during your long work days.

1. Slip-Resistant

One of the most common protective features in a work shoe is a sole that is slip-resistant and most industrial jobs require such shoes.

2. Conductive

Footwear with conductive protective features will minimize the effects of static electricity. This reduces the possibility of ignition of volatile chemicals or explosives.

3. Impact or Compression Resistant

This footwear will use a steel toe cap or midsole to protect the worker’s feet against falling objects or crushing rolling objects. Most industrial jobs require shoes with this protective feature.

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