Workplace Stats that May Surprise You


Most hiring managers know that they have room to improve their recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes. However, while most may know this, few understand just how much these elements can affect talent acquisition and employee retention.

A Few Startling Facts

Here are just a few workplace statistics that may surprise you and remind you just how important quality recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes are.

  • A top-performing employee is 400% more productive than an average employee
  • 82% of companies do not believe they recruit highly talented people
  • One-third of managerial leaders cite finding talent to be their hardest managerial task

3 Ways to Attract & Retain Top Talent

Even though these stats are shocking and maybe even a little disheartening, there are many effective ways to recruit and keep top talent at your company. Here are a few proven strategies you should implement.

1. Create a Great Work Environment

Top talent wants to work at a top company. To create a great company that will attract fantastic workers, you need to be deliberate about company culture. Determine your company values and hire workers who share those values. You also need to create a company that is understanding about the impact of the job. Encourage your employees to create a desirable work-life balance and provide benefits that allow them to stay healthy and happy.

2. Consider Candidate & Employee Experience from Day 1

Be proactive about employee needs, starting from the first day. Before your new hire even reports to work for the first day, send them a packet of information that will help them feel at ease. This can include key information about the building, their specific job description, key employees they will interact with, and helpful local information, like parking or restaurants.

Whether it’s a job description or a performance evaluation, everything must be communicated clearly. Poor communication leads to frustration, costly mistakes, and even turnover. Take time to create clear communication so your employees can be successful in their jobs and will be happy to stay with your company for the long run.

3. Give & Accept Frequent Feedback

Feedback is crucial to a successful work environment and employee happiness. When employees feel they can ask questions without judgment and are given positive, constructive feedback, they are motivated to perform their best.

Just as important as it is to give feedback, you must also welcome it. Invite your employees to share their feedback with you. This helps the employee stay happy and productive and may also help them realize growth opportunity. Everything from company culture, to job description, should be open for feedback so your employees can advance in their careers at your company.

Recruit Strong Talent to Improve Your Workplace

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