Funny Interview Questions You Need to Nail


There is so much preparation when it comes to acing an interview. You’ll spend hours reviewing common interview questions and answers, but what about curveball questions? Are you ready for those?


While you won’t get too many funny or quirky interview questions, they will pop up during your interview and job search process and it could be quite unsettling if you are surprised into silence. Instead of losing your stride, use this preparation to nail the interview no matter what question they ask.

5 Funny Interview Questions & How to Answer Them

You’re prepared for the common questions, now it’s time to review some funny curveball questions you may see in a job interview.


1. If you ran away and joined the circus, what would your performance be?

2. How would you sell ice cream in Antarctica?

3. How many items of baggage goes through Heathrow airport in one day?

4. Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer?

5/ What advice would you give your previous supervisor?


When looking at these questions for the first time, you may think they are random but in fact, they are intentional. It may make more sense when you determine how to answer these oddball questions if you consider the categories they fall into: creative, problem-solving, and personality questions.

Creative Questions

A funny question that falls into the creative category will push you to solve a problem using a creative approach instead of something straight-forward. In a question that obviously isn’t a realistic problem that you will have to solve, don’t overthink it, but think through the problem creatively and intelligently in the interview.

Problem-Solving Questions

Sometimes an interviewer will ask a question that seems impossible to answer, but the main point is really just to see how you think through and approach the problem. In this situation, don’t worry about being correct, approach the problem with logical, cohesive steps to solve the problem.

Personality Questions

More common funny questions will seek to understand your personality. There is no trick to answering these questions. Be honest and don’t overthink your answer. Overthinking can actually tarnish your interview because it can come across as disingenuine. While you compose your honest answer, don’t be afraid to buy a little time with a small remark like, “Wow, that’s interesting,” or even a quick chuckle.

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