Leadership Impacts Your Ability to Hire and Retain Talent


The most successful companies, regardless of their size, rely on their employees. To staff your company with top talent, you need to devote time attention to your leadership and hiring efforts.

Three Ways You Can Hire & Retain Top Talent

Since hiring qualified workers is vital to your company’s success, here are three major ways to use your leadership position to positively impact your ability to hire and retain top talent.

1. Create a Desirable Place to Work

It may sound simple, but by creating a great place to work, you will attract top talent in the industry. Companies who have figured this out generally have an easier time hiring and retaining qualified workers, which can increase the overall success of the company. Here are two suggestions to put this idea into practice.

Be Deliberate About Company Culture – Make time to outline what your company’s culture looks like. Create company values and hire employees who can share those values. Then, you will measure decisions, progress, and action against maintaining these values. The result is a company with a rewarding, decisive, and enjoyable company culture.

Understand the Work’s Impact – Each industry and company makes an impact on employees, regardless of whether the company is a great place to work. However, what makes a company great is its willingness to understand this impact on an employee. By understanding the impact of the work on the employee, a company can then help their workers create a balanced, enjoyable life. Take worker stress, shift hours, commute times, etc, into consideration and then decide the best ways to support your employees with benefits. These could include luncheons, ability to earn extra paid time off, or company happy hours. Do what makes sense for your business and your company culture.

2. Consider Candidate & Employee Experience Right Away

Employee experience actually begins before the first day of work. It’s important to consider candidate and employee experience during the interview, hiring, and onboarding processes to attract and retain top talent. Here are some effective ways to ensure you provide positive experiences for both candidates and new employees.

Communicate Clearly – Whether it’s the job description or work evaluations, both your candidates and employees are more satisfied when they have clear direction. Avoid unnecessary and damaging frustration by putting together clear communication every step of the way and you can create a positive experience.

Be Proactive – Think ahead and anticipate the needs or wants of your candidates and employees to create a more positive work environment. An easy example of this can be applied during the onboarding process. Simply send paperwork and informational material to your new hire that they can review and sign before their first day. This will help create momentum from day one, plus it can calm any first day nerves for your new hire.

Be Structured – Set clear timelines and expectations for the interviewing and hiring process and communicate those so no candidate is left unsure or wondering. Once a hire is made, do the same with the onboarding and evaluation processes. By creating a structure for these processes and sticking to them, you will minimize uncertainty and create a positive worker experience.

3. Give & Accept Frequent Feedback

Every person has room to improve and you qualified workers know and appreciate this fact. It’s important to create opportunity to give and receive feedback so everyone – employee and company – can grow.

Formal Feedback – Performance reviews are crucial to employee success. Your business will determine the frequency of reviews, but they should absolutely occur. During each formal review, the employee should receive comprehensive feedback and should also be encouraged to give their feedback on the company as well. In addition to formal reviews, smaller meetings with immediate supervisors should happen more frequently to discuss project progress or performance.

Informal Feedback – Employees should always be encouraged to share their ideas and ask questions. This can enhance worker performance and will also create a culture that supports constructive feedback.

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