Ohio and Kentucky Jobs Companies Are Hiring For


While the job market is healthy across the country, looking for the right job can still be tough. Plus, if you’re unsure of what industry you want to dive into, it might get a little confusing. But the good news is that there are some exciting and secure opportunities out there.

Ohio and Kentucky Jobs That Companies Are Hiring For

If you’re looking for a job in Ohio and Kentucky, you have several industries that promise job opportunities.

1. Industrial

There are several unique job positions in the industrial industry. Here are a few options to consider: assembly worker, CDL driver, engineer, janitor, machinist, maintenance worker, skilled laborer, technician, warehouse worker, welder. Each of these areas offers a range of desired expertise and growth opportunities, making them a secure choice for building a career and living comfortably.

2. Office & Administrative

Another industry with plenty of job positions is the office and administrative field. Some options include: accountant, administrative assistant, bookkeeper, customer service representative, data entry operator, file clerk, legal secretary, mail room personnel, medical support personnel, receptionist, sales manager, sales personnel, telemarketer, word processor. As you can imagine, nearly every company needs at least a few of these professionals to help lead them to success. Because of this, you have more job opportunities, and even the ability to choose which type of company you work at.

3. Oil & Gas

The industry of oil and gas is growing throughout several parts of the country, including Ohio and Kentucky. Within this industry, you have two main groups of job positions: Engineers, Geologists, Technicians; and Office, Administrative. Because of this variety, there can be additional educational requirements, but this can pay off as you continue to grow within an industry of such high demand.

4. Direct Hire Executive-Level

In this industry, there are many options that you can consider that provide secure job growth and compensation. Here are some positions: controller, director of finance, human resources director, logistics manager, office manager, plant manager, production manager, safety director, sales director, sales manager.

Find Your Next Job in One of These Industries

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