The Strong Link Between Reputation and Employee Retention


Most companies are striving to be more authentic and transparent in one way or another. While these efforts are beneficial for everyone involved, one area where authenticity seems to be lacking is employee experience.

While you have to market your company to attract top talent, if the message is far from reality, you may end up with higher rates of employee turnover instead. Since employee retention is closely connected to an honest and positive company reputation, it should be a focus for management.

Create an Authentic & Positive Reputation to Improve Employee Retention

To improve your company reputation and your employee retention, consider this three-step process.

1. Be Honest & True

Do you know who you are as a company? The best companies have a clear purpose and set of values. Not only does this guide daily operations, but it provides guidelines for hiring as well. The better you understand and articulate your company’s goals, purpose, and values, the more likely you are to attract workers who share those priorities in their life as well.

2. Assess the Gap

While it’s ideal to function with such a close alignment between what is promised and what is delivered, most companies need to improve in this area. A thorough assessment can make this ideal alignment a reality.

To understand the gap and how to improve it, talk to new hires, conduct employee engagement surveys and exit interviews, pay close attention to online reviews, ask for feedback frequently.

3. Let Your Employees Talk

As you develop your reputation and message points, remember that your most important audience is your current workforce. During this time, you can utilize internal marketing and engagement efforts to re-recruit your employees and strengthen their commitment to stay. Their words about their work experience is extremely beneficial to recruiting and retaining talent.

Hire Qualified Employees that Fit Your Company Needs

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