Industry Trends That Prove This Is a Great Time to Find a Job


For several years, college graduates and job seekers have been searching for jobs in an unreliable job market. Thanks to several key factors, 2019 will be a year of increased hiring by employers across the country. This is great news for job seekers and recent college graduates.

Key Factors for Increased Hiring in 2019

 Three key reasons for the best hiring year since 2007:

  • Improved, high-performing economy
  • Overall company growth
  • Anticipated retirements for baby boomers

Another reason for the increase in hiring that is promising for both young job seekers and college graduates is companies are more intent on converting their interns to full-time hires. In fact, the average conversion rate for internships to full-time employee is over 45 percent. This is an encouraging statistic for any job seeker.

Get Yourself Ready Ahead of Schedule

 A mistake many job seekers make is waiting until they are desperate to look for a job. Try to prepare ahead of schedule; you’ll have a less stressful job search process. Consider these key factors:

  • Companies begin to recruit interns eight months prior to the starting date for their internships.
  • On average, it takes nearly 25 days to get an offer after completing the first interview at a prospective company.

These natural delays in the hiring process can make any job seeker or college graduate anxious. Instead of stressing out, look for job opportunities early and often, draft your resume, and be prepared for the right opportunity.

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