Say Hello to a New Year and a Better Job Search Strategy


There are a lot of valid reasons to look for a new job; however, people tend to look for jobs when they are desperate. It’s all too common for people to look for a new job when they’ve either been let go, need a salary increase, feel their current workplace is toxic or absolutely hate their job.

Unfortunately, this mentality can lead to a job seeker accepting a position that will lead to them feeling this same exact way all too soon. And then, there comes the issue of job-hopping. Here’s how to avoid this unproductive job search cycle.

6 Tips for a Better Job Search

1. Look for a Job When You Are Happy at Your Current Company

 This is not a contradicting idea. In fact, it creates a very healthy approach to searching for your next job.

2. You’re Aware of Potential Red-Flags

Sometimes, if you are desperate for a new job, you may overlook potential red flags. These can be anything from a company culture clash to not getting the benefits package that is right for you and your family.

3. You Won’t Settle

When you don’t have to find a job, you won’t take a position that isn’t what you’re looking for, won’t help you advance your career or would be anything less than what you’re currently doing.

4. You’re Confident & Calm

If you search while still happy and decide to interview for a truly great position, since you are not desperate or frenetic, you will be confident and calm. You may have the best interview experience of your life under such easy-going circumstances. This could mean you get a fantastic job offer, or if you don’t, you can learn from it in a constructive manner, as it didn’t affect your current career or financial responsibilities.

5. How to Start the Job Search While Happily Employed

 Want to have a healthy approach to job searching in 2019? Here are some quick tips to help you!

  • Use social networks covertly. Learn how to use the Open Candidates feature on LinkedIn so your current bosses won’t catch wind of your job search.
  • Keep your resume updated.
  • Join professional networks to meet others in your industry. These connections can enrich your career and lead to quality advancements.

6. Let Professionals Guide Your Search

If you want to find your next great job with help from the experts, contact Integrative Staffing Groupa SDVOSB-certified company.

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