Are You Using the Right Work References?

A major misconception in the application process is that job references are an afterthought. Providing the right work references is a crucial factor when looking for a job offer. A poor reference can hold you back from getting a job, while a great reference can be the final factor in receiving a job offer. Some […]

Ways to Find the Right Job for Your Skill Set

Finding the right job can be tough. In fact, finding the right job to look for can be a stumbling block for many job seekers. To know what job is right for you, you need to at least know how to start your search. One great way to find the right job is to do […]

Getting From a Good Job to Great Job You Love

If you have a good, steady job in a career you’re excited about, you’re already ahead of many American workers. However, even those in a good job might yearn for something just a little bit better. A great job that they love. While some might say be happy and content with a secure job (and […]

Tips for Getting Productive Again After the Holiday Season

The beginning of the year is a hard time to get energetic. Sure, we make resolutions and our intentions are good, but in reality, most people want to ease back into their jobs and responsibilities. Unfortunately, by the time everyone is back at work after the holiday season, most businesses are busy. Whether it’s a […]

Say Hello to a New Year and a Better Job Search Strategy

There are a lot of valid reasons to look for a new job; however, people tend to look for jobs when they are desperate. It’s all too common for people to look for a new job when they’ve either been let go, need a salary increase, feel their current workplace is toxic or absolutely hate […]

Your 2019 HR Checklist

The human resources department is busy throughout the year, with a variety of important responsibilities. Instead of getting overwhelmed or flustered with all your duties, use this month-to-month planning guide to make sure you keep track of deadlines and key tips. 2019 HR Checklist – by the Month January You still may be getting back […]